Our goal is to be the preferred supplier for our customers.

Company policy

High-quality products and solid customer service can only arise in companies which have high
standards set for themselves:

  • Perform perfect customer service
  • We value and appreciate our employees because they are the foundation for a successful business
  • Independent entrepreneurial thinking and performance oriented action by employees and executives
  • Provide excellent performance and a high quality product
  • The zero error principle is our ideal – Measure yourself with the best
  • Present responsibility for society and environment
  • Achieve success through consistent improvement of operations
  • Avoid endangering others and ecological damage
  • Last but not least – Thanks to the continued growth of our business, we are always interested in embarking upon challenges now and in the future.

Our understanding of quality, safety and environmental protection

For us, quality, safety and environmental protection is an essential requirement for our economic success.

We strive to produce and supply flawless, quality products that are reliable and long lasting.

Our customers goals, whether internally or externally, is always taken into account when assessing the quality on a scale.

Safety and environmental protection is important to us. We strive to achieve sustainable practices and minimize risks for our employees and the environment as well. We are committed to comply with legal and official regulations and any further requirements applicable in relation to the emerging environmental aspects.

We guarantee quality, safety and environmentalism by:

  • conscientiously investigation of requirements and impacts
  • comprehensive planning
  • a realistic target
  • regularly assessments
  • preventive measures and constantly improving our processes
  • Public distribution of internal policy

Through a high quality- and environmental policy we engineered our long-term global goals with measurable process indicators:

Our customers are global players. They distribute our products all over the world and own different locations worldwide. Also our purchase is globally aligned, regarding this we have to rise the challenge of global market requirements.

Our targets and activities are clearly defined:

  • leadership in respect of performance and quality
  • leadership in reducing costs and improving operating efficiencies
  • leadership in service and customer orientation

We work according to the principles of consistent application with our own understandable and approved process description.

Our prime concern is customer satisfaction, punctual delivery and to fulfilment the high requirements standard. We are always striving to speed up the offer process and we constantly improve our processes like to develop new solutions and strategies.

Therefore we need to consistently focus our goals and raise global awareness to open up new business opportunities.

Measures for Success

It is important for us to have a great cooperation with our business partners and a high customer satisfaction. This is why we make sure to work together with reliable suppliers and providers. A permanent increase of greater employee satisfaction and good teamwork is very important to us.

Also our basic principle is “Management by Objectives. There are continuous improvements within the areas of working conditions, health and safety standards at the workplaces of our employees. A good working atmosphere and the strong ties of our staff to the company are particularly important to us. These values, together with the desire to learn and improve, will bring us closer to our mutual aim.


We set value on our employees.

Whether competence or know-how, product or process-related, ractical or theoretical knowledge – the strength of BREMA-WERK is the strength of our employees. Their personal capabilities and qualifications, their day-to-day commitment to the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers have secured our technical development and entrepreneurial growth. They are responsible for our dynamism in different industries and for our market success. Our employees’loyalty to, and solidarity with, our company are exemplary.
About two-thirds of our staff have been trained in-house. We place the highest value on a thorough, hands-on training and offer both commercial as well as industrial training courses. Many of our employees stay with BREMA-WERK for decades, and a considerable number spend their entire working life with us. It is because of this strong community that know-how, process and product knowledge are developed on a longterm basis and remain within the company for a long time.

Would you like to join our team?


Certified quality management system to ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001.
Our quality department is equipped with modern measuring instruments for example:

  • Keyence projector
  • 3D Koordinatenmessmaschine (Taktil/Optisch/Laser)
  • 100 % camera sorting
  • Different measuring projectors
  • Hardening- and Spring force testing


Safety and environment protection means for us to realize processes which minimize health- and safety risks for our employees and safe environment.

We hereby undertake of all the legal requirements and other requirements.

Our environmental idea is reflected by our certification according to ISO 14001.

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