Galvanization / Coatings (external)

We previously work together for many years with different suppliers for coating and galvanization. We coordinate every kind of barrel plating/ part plating as well as strip electroplating.


Benefit: appr. 90 % less
precious metal

Selective plating

Partial coating
Benefit: only area which have to be galvanized – will be dipped into electrolyte


Hardening and degrease/washing

With the ongoing washing process for slicing we remove the necessary stamping oil with a solvent. Our certified and monitored system from Company Dürr work in a closed system with perchlorethylen. Yearly checking and maintenance according to highest standard ensure environmental activity.
Our hardening oven hardened carbon steel by heating bainite .

Shipment / Packaging

We provide packaging as you need it for your process- for example:

  • tape and reels (external and internal)
  • blister packaging (external and internal)
  • returnable packaging
  • etc.

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